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Build On Your Lot - FAQ

You have questions and we have answers!  We know building a home can be one of the most important decisions in your life, and we are ready to answer any and all of your questions or concerns.  Our knowledgeable staff will ease your mind about lot preparation, construction materials, design, building timelines or anything else you might be wondering about.  Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • VALUE:  While we are not a custom builder, our diverse home plans and options let you customize your home, resulting in a custom feel at a much better price point! We have saved our customers substantial sums of money when comparing pricing to custom builders, resulting in instant equity for our clients.
  • EXPERIENCE:  Building in already established neighborhoods provides a set of unique challenges.  Although Bishard Homes has many development projects, we have been building in already-established neighborhoods for over 27 years!
  • CREATIVE SAVINGS: We have several certified CPAs on staff who have been able to find ways for several of our customers to save thousands of dollars on taxes. This is on a case-by-case basis, but if there is a way, they will find it!
  • Manage demolitions, site work, site plan approval, building process, closing processes, and CO.
  • We start construction after we have a contract, selections, and building permits.
  • We coordinate a pre-construction meeting with the homeowners on site. We normally request two to three visits by the homeowner throughout the process but these are not required. We want you to be involved as much as you would like to be. If you would like to stop by more often, we ask that you coordinate visits with the Project Manager so they can alert you to any safety concerns since your home is still an active construction site. 
  • 120 days depending on the difficulty of the home.
  • Contact Josh Kinas by phone or email (see links below).

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