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Finding the best floor plan for your family

November 19, 2020

Finding the best floor plan for your family

Every homebuilder you come across will tout their family-friendly floor plans—but family means something different to everyone, and Bishard Homes understands and respects that. So when we mention helping find the perfect home for your family, know that we recognize families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it consists of young or grown children, two adults with no children, multigenerational extended family members, a single adult or another unique situation, we really do have a floor plan that will meet your needs. 

At Bishard, we build houses to help buyers find the right fit from the start. These include single-family homes inland or on the water and multi-family townhomes and duplexes. We will explore the benefits of buying a Bishard home below and how they complement your family’s wants and needs. 

First-floor masters for separation and accessibility

With all the time families have been spending together this year, it’s easy to understand why some homeowners might want a plan with a first-floor master bedroom. You get the convenience of having your bedroom close to the main living spaces, but you still get a sense of separation by putting the other bedrooms or playrooms upstairs. This also benefits those who are working from home and want some space between where they spend their 9-to-5 and where they enjoy downtime. First-floor masters are great for families with older children who don’t need as much supervision—they also make for a great in-law suite if older family members are living with you and can’t handle going up and down stairs all day. 

Fourteen of our floor plans feature a first-floor master suite, including the following:

Additionally, these plans even include a first-floor and second-floor master, creating the perfect opportunity to house multi-generational families:

Three stories for more space and spectacular views 

Three-story homes can help you achieve the maximum use out of your home when you have a larger family, or need an additional space like a home office or gym that’s separate from the action on the main floor. Whether you intend to fill the extra space with children, visitors or a workspace, we have plenty of plans that give you the option to get creative with your space. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a three-story plan is the added height, giving you the best views of your neighborhood and the bodies of water surrounding Virginia Beach. Some of these plans are more traditional, while others take a modern twist on a beach house layout, with kitchens and living space on the ground floor, bedrooms on the second and more bedrooms or flex spaces on the third. 

For a spacious three-story home with enough rooms to fit your needs, check out these floor plans: 

Multi-family homes for a close-knit community

In addition to our single-family communities, Bishard Homes is proud to offer a modern townhome community at Garnett’s Walk, as well as multiple duplex plans. The benefits of multi-family living are endless, and you’ll find just how well your family can thrive in one of our townhomes or duplexes. 

Bishard Homes embraces every homebuyer that wants to work with us. No matter the size of your family or your budget, we’ll be with you every step of the way in selecting the right floor plan for you today and in the future. To learn more about our process or to find out what community and home style is right for you, contact us today. 

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