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Hosting For The Holidays

November 5, 2018

Hosting For The Holidays

It’s finally here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Too Early to start singing Christmas music? We think not. Its November, which means we will soon be flooded with family members and lots of food for celebratory gatherings. We wanted to create a list of tips we believe will encourage you to be a healthier and effective holiday host (no more frustration between which tablecloth you should choose for thanksgiving). 

Our guests come in after long travels and drop their bags and coats at the front door. Sometimes your coats and shoes may be taking a lot of space, we recommend to declutter your entryway to make space for your family. We've crafted our homes to be equipped with built-in storage to ensure proper organization for your family and entering guests.

If your guests are coming from a long trip, be sure to remember they most likely forgot their full-sized armoire of beauty products in the TSA line. Consider investing in a variety of nicer travel-sized products, usually available at stores like Ulta or Target for only a few dollars. This will provide your guests with the feeling of being in a luxury suite. Also, be sure to stock the bathroom with extra toiletries they may have forgotten too: toothbrush, lotion, bar of soap, and toothpaste. Make sure towels and toilet paper are easy to find!

Sometimes family members are accustomed to waking up super early, no matter the instance. You want to provide an easy breakfast station for those early risers. Leave out some breakfast cereals or fresh fruit to hold them over before the main course of breakfast. Make sure you give a quick kitchen tour the night before so they can get their morning coffee or tea without waiting for the rest of the house to wake up.

Lastly, while you’re preparing to cook a feast, have a plan. Guests and family love to help out around the kitchen. Be sure to make your basic ingredients easy to find. It will make it better on you if they’re not having to go on a manhunt to find the brown sugar. Sometimes your guests have dietary restrictions as well, so be sure to check with family members and friends to make sure they aren’t anxious about the food being served. 

All in all, hospitality isn’t about being perfect. Your house is your house, and it can only go so far. We think you should do your best to create a relaxing and therapeutic time for your guest.

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