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Living in Virginia Beach

February 14, 2020

Living in Virginia Beach

What is living in Virginia Beach like? The miles of beaches and beautiful surroundings have made living in Virginia Beach a well known tourist destination. Yet Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia because it’s also a great place to live. Let’s talk about some of the best things about moving to a new home in Virginia Beach.

What is Virginia Beach Known For?

What comes to mind when you think Virginia Beach? For a lot of people, it’s the beach, of course. Millions of people come to Virginia Beach every year because of the beautiful beaches and exciting oceanside district. 

The Boardwalk stretch of the Oceanfront can get crowded during the summer, so Virginia Beach residents often go a little off the beaten path to different stretches of beach. Some favorite local spots include Sandbridge, Chic's Beach and The North End to name a few. There’s a lot to explore, but after living in Virginia Beach for a while you're sure to find your own favorite spot. 

Inland, there’s even more scenery to enjoy. Miles of trails for hiking and biking wind through the forest. Back Bay is surrounded by national wildlife refuges and state parks for nature lovers to appreciate. First Landing State Park is home to beaches, wildlife, and 20 miles of trails to explore- including popular running paths and a local park for kids to enjoy.

Perhaps what Virginia Beach is known best for, besides the beach, is the food. Virginia Beach is most famous for its fresh seafood, and you’ll never run out of dishes and recipes to try at the endless seafood dives and high-end restaurants in Virginia Beach. After you get your crab fix, you’re still in luck. Virginia Beach also has a wide range of global cuisine, including many Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, and Caribbean restaurants.

Retired couple outside their home in Virginia Beach

Is Virginia Beach a Good Place to Live?

Virginia Beach is a great place to live! In fact, Virginia Beach was ranked by Niche as one of the Best Cities to Raise a Family in America and one of the Best Cities to Live in America.

Virginia Beach has a steadily growing economy, with cornerstone industries in defense and tourism. The unemployment rate is well beneath the national average, coming in at less than 3%. Many Virginia Beach residents also work in neighboring cities like Norfolk and Chesapeake. 

Virginia Beach also has well regarded public schools, including especially high-rated elementary schools. Virginia Beach City Public Schools is one of the largest school systems in the country, and one of the best.

Of course, one major benefit of living in Virginia Beach is year-round access to the longest pleasure beach in the world. Plus, unlike some other East Coast beaches, the beaches here are very family-friendly. The sand is freshly combed every summer morning, ready for sandcastles, volleyball, and beach picnics.

Bishard Homes is proud to be a home builder in Virginia Beach. It’s a great place to grow up, to eat, and to live. Reach out to us and take the first step toward your life in Virginia Beach, and stay tuned for future blogs about living in Virginia Beach.

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