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Moving to the North End

September 14, 2020

Moving to the North End

Finding a new home in the North End can be tricky since this Virginia Beach neighborhood is only a couple of blocks wide. But it’s not impossible! Bishard Homes has redeveloped property in the North End close to the ocean. But Bishard has new homes in neighborhoods throughout Virginia Beach. Why move to the North End?

More Time at the Beach

Beach season is long for residents in the North End. Lifeguards patrol the beaches from April through October, keeping beachgoers safe while they swim and play. 

If you ask the locals, though, beach season is actually a bit longer. Even in January, temperatures sometimes spike to 70℉. Living on the North End, you can rest assured knowing there will be at least the occasional beach day in any season.

Of course, the advantage of a home in the North End is the amazing beach access. Because the area is only a few blocks wide, all the houses are within walking distance of the water. In fact, each block has its own beach access point.

The Most Beautiful Beach?

The beach in the North End is well-known to locals for its beauty. It’s common to see dolphins in the water, crabs on the sand, and pelicans in the air. 

Located north of the popular Boardwalk area, the beach on the North End attracts far fewer tourists. As a result, the beach here is usually much less crowded and noisy. The North End is also clean and provides trashcans and dog waste bags at most entrances. Bring your pup along for a peaceful sunset stroll!

First Landing State Park

Bordering the north side of the neighborhood is First Landing State Park. Set on 2,889 acres, it is the most visited state park in Virginia. If you move to a new home in the North End, First Landing State Park will be right next door. 

Accessible from both 64th Street and Shoe Drive, First Landing State Park has beautiful trails for hiking and biking. Grab a trail guidebook at the Trail Center and choose from 10 scenic trails, totaling about 20 miles. Pack a lunch because you’ll find plenty of places to picnic along the way.

The park even has a boat launch and camping sites. Fishing is also popular but requires a valid Virginia saltwater fishing license. Like almost everywhere else on the North End, First Landing State Park is also dog-friendly!

North End Living

If you’re searching for the right place to live in Virginia Beach, come see our new homes on the North End. In addition to beach access, residents in the North End also enjoy easy access to 264. 

If you have children, you can rest assured they will receive a great education from the nearby Virginia Beach City Public Schools. The neighborhood itself is known as extremely safe, perhaps allowing your children that type of carefree childhood that is so rare now.

To learn more about moving to the North End, contact us today. As hometown Virginia Beach builders, Bishard Homes, is happy to help you find the right house for you in this great community.