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Our Have a Lot Program: 
Making the most of your land

September 30, 2019

Our Have a Lot Program: 
Making the most of your land

Our Have a Lot Program:
Making the most of your land

Have a lot? Are you thinking about building your dream home? Or are you looking for a way to turn your lot into a cash producing investment? Don’t let uncertainty stop you! With over 27 years of experience, Bishard Homes has perfected this process and made building your dream home as easy as 1.. 2… 3…

1. Getting to know your land:
Our skilled team will study your lot and help you find ways to maximize the value, and the overall feel of the home. We’ll guide you through the building jargon – from zoning ordinances to city requirements – allowing you to focus on the parts that matter most to you!
We will meet with you in person to walk you through this process and give you the details, projected timelines, and provide you with overviews of the entire building journey. If you don’t have land already- don’t worry! We’re here to help you through that process too.  

2. Choose and personalize your home 

This is the part where your vision starts to come to life! Our design team will meet with you to discuss what floor plan and options best fit your lifestyle. We will go through our portfolio of over 60 homes and 25 duplex plans, and help you find the perfect match!  

Once you select a plan, a member of our design will help you personalize your home. With over 1,000 customizable options, the possibilities are endless! Throughout the process we’ll guide you through financing, logistics and legal documents to ensure your peace of mind. We’re here to walk you through each step from start to finish! 

3. Enjoy the building process 
With the design and logistics out of the way, it’s time to build! Your Project Manager will meet you at your home site and explain any questions you may have before laying a foundation. In the meantime, you can relax while your home is being built – we’ll be sure to keep you updated and handle closing details with the lender and attorneys. The best part? You can move into your new home with the assurance of our trusted Warranty Program.   

We are excited to share this program with you. You can truly have a lot if you “Have a Lot”! Specialization, personal communication, and peace of mind are all important parts of our process, and we want you to get involved.  

To find out more information, contact us on our website: www.bishardhomes.com. Our experts are ready to work alongside you in building the home of your dreams! 

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