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School is in Session: 
Tips & Tricks for making this year a success

September 9, 2019

School is in Session: 
Tips & Tricks for making this year a success

School is in Session: 
Tips & Tricks for making this year a success

Back to school season is exciting, but can certainly be overwhelming with all of the new information and schedules. While you’re getting back into the routine, we’ve compiled a couple of tips to make your transition to the school year easier. It’s amazing what a little organization from home can do for the family!

Schedule it out:

Using a family calendar is essential to feeling calm amidst any chaos. Try using a large whiteboard calendar, or even a paper version. Put it somewhere central in your home where everyone can see, such as the refrigerator or mud room. Add homework due dates, sports practices, and any other important events for the whole family. This will help you stay organized, and even see when you need to plan in advance for busier weeks. 

Create a “getting it done” space

Creating a homework station is a great idea to get the gears turning while at home. This could be as simple as a table set up in an open area of the first floor or dedicating a loft space to be a homework area. With some accessible supplies such as writing utensils, sticky notes, paperclips, notebooks and staples, you can transform any open space in your home into an encouraging place to tackle school assignments. Making a physical space for homework will make it easier to make time in the day to get it done!

Get things done the night before

Sick of rushing around in the morning? Taking some time each night to prepare for the next day can make the start of each day much less stressful. Taking steps to prepack lunch ingredients, lay out outfits, and prepack schoolbags with the necessary supplies can make life a lot easier during the week for you and your kids.    

Make the most of your mudroom

Having things in the right place so they are easy to grab as you head out the door can make all the difference. Using your mudroom the right way can be a lifesaver. Having school bags, coats, and keys all hung up, and shoes readily accessible in one place make leaving the house a simpler process, and ensures that you aren’t forgetting anything you might need. Check out our post on mudrooms for even more ideas. 

Feeling any better? We want your family to have the best school year yet, and we know there is nothing better than being prepared! Thankfully, our homes come well equipped with enough storage and space to make room for the things that matter. Let us help you find the right place. More detailed home and contact information can be found on our website at www.bishardhomes.com.


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