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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in the Heat

July 29, 2016

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in the Heat

This is surely the hottest week Virginia Beach has seen in a while. It seems like every TV and radio station is broadcasting a heat advisory so we thought we'd share a few tips on how to keep your home cool in the crazy heat! Cooling Tip #1: Be Cautious of Your Doors

Photo from Bishard Home in Wilshire Village

Shut them as soon as possible. With kids running around or bring groceries inside, we sometimes fail to seal our entries every time we walk in or out. Being cautious of this could help you avoid letting more precious cold air escape your home than necessary.   Cooling Tip #2: Cook Outside Photo from Bishard Home in Ranier Village Cooking with your oven and stove can really raise the temperature in your home. Throwing some shrimp on the barbee will not only keep your home cooler, but it will help you appreciate the cool air when you walk back indoors. Plus, before we know it, winter will be here! Take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible!   Cooling Tip #3: Keep Air Circulating Photo from Bishard Home in Ranier Village Turning on fans in your home and making sure they are running counter clockwise will create a breeze throughout your home. Also utilize bathroom vents to pull hot air out of rooms!   Cooling Tip #4: Clean Your Unit Straight from a cooling specialists mouth, cleaning your unit with simple green will do wonders! This cleaner is not too harsh and great for outdoor use. Spray your unit with this and hose it down afterward 3-4 times a year.   Cooling Tip #5: Get a New Home Photo from Bishard Homes on 12th Street in Virginia Beach We may be biased but we think the easiest way to stay cool is in a fresh new home! Come check out our properties that are sure to check off everything on your wish list this summer!

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