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Meet The Team

Bishard Homes is a company of professionals who produce the successful collaboration of skills, ingenuity, and knowledge that only comes with extensive experience. While our team members come from all directions with diverse backgrounds, they share a common passion for building homes and achieving excellence in customer service. Get to know each of us a little here, so we might have the opportunity to get to know you soon.

Steven Bishard


Having grown up in Virginia Beach, brothers Steven and John Bishard made a vision a reality by founding Bishard Homes in 1997. The concept for the company was born from their shared experience building their own homes and has flourished under their guidance ever since then. Before Bishard Homes, Steven graduated with 2 BS degrees from ODU and an MPA from Troy State University. As our Co-Founder, his significant role extends beyond co-founding; he's also the driving visionary behind the company, propelling Bishard Homes to new heights with his goals and passion. Steven's commitment to his faith, his exceptional leadership skills, and his love for the Virginia Beach community are the cornerstones of his invaluable contribution to Bishard Homes.

John Bishard


John graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Accounting. His journey began at a certified public accounting firm. During this time, the 2 Bishard brothers built their own homes together and became Bishard Homes first clients, co-founding the company in 1997. As Co-founder, John's primary role revolves around company strategy and leadership. His commitment to community engagement and creating strong relationships with city leadership has been instrumental in shaping Bishard Homes. John collaborates closely with city officials to design dynamic communities that people aspire to call home and that cities can be proud of. John's leadership, dedication to the community, and love for the Lord define him as a driving force behind Bishard Homes.

Bob Deacon

VP of Operations

Bob is an integral force at Bishard Homes with over two decades of experience with our team. In the year 2003, Bob joined forces with John and Steve, contributing significantly to the establishment and growth of Bishard Homes. Over the years, he’s earned his Class A Commercial and Residential Building Contractor’s License in 14 U.S. States and Territories, as well as a Bachelor of Science from Chowan University.  As the VP of Operations, Bob plays a pivotal role in overseeing all construction activities, managing fieldwork, handling budgets, and navigating the intricacies of permits. He works closely with our guys in the field as well as our production team in the office to ensure our homes follow their timelines and are built to “wow” our buyers’.

Tommy Lewis

Chief Financial Officer

Tommy, our Chief Financial Officer, brings a wealth of financial expertise and a strong foundation in business management to our team. Tommy graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Prior to joining our family, he interned for our very own John Bishard during his time as a CPA at a regional public accounting firm and was also the CFO at a large automotive dealership. Since joining Bishard Homes in 2012, Tommy has been instrumental in shaping our financial strategy. As our CFO, he oversees all financial aspects of the company, including capital allocation, banking relationships, financial reporting analysis, and risk management. Tommy's dedication and financial prowess are integral to our team's mission of providing exceptional homes while ensuring financial stability.

Roger Orozco

VP of Strategy

Before Joining our team, Roger worked eight years for Sumitomo Machinery Corporation as a Senior Project Manager, where he gained significant experience in international business leadership and spearheaded strategic corporate projects throughout the United States and Latin America. In 2018, he found his home at Bishard Homes as the Director of Finance and was recently promoted to Vice President of Strategy. His role involves collaborating with executive management on decision-making and strategic planning, overseeing company assets across all our divisions, and lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed. Roger plays a pivotal role in overseeing the strategic management, enhancement, and financial performance of our diverse real estate assets. He particularly enjoys the strategic aspect of his work, especially when it comes to optimizing our company's assets. Outside of the office, you'll often find Roger deep in a strategic business book, out for a run, or spending time with his three kids and wife of 14 years.

Josh Kinas

Director of Sales and Marketing

Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Old Dominion University, accompanied by a minor in Business Management. Josh's career journey began in sales and management within the car rental industry and later, he transitioned to a role as a project manager and estimator at a restoration company. Finally, Josh joined Bishard Homes in October of 2015. As the leader of our sales and marketing team, he not only oversees our marketing efforts but also contributes significantly to the growth of this division. He plays a crucial role in nurturing our in-house sales team, ensuring our buyers receive exceptional service that aligns with our values of customer conscience, team excellence, and care. Beyond his professional roles, Josh serves as the company's worship team captain, embodying our love for God and love for people.

Danielle Evans

Online Sales Consultant

Danielle went to Cal State San Marcos where she earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology, laying the foundation for her successful career. Before joining our team in December of 2023, she gained valuable experience in sales during her time with Geico. In her role at Bishard Homes as our Online Sales Consultant, Danielle is the friendly voice you hear on the phone; she excels in understanding our clients' needs and ensuring they find their dream home. Her friendly demeanor and genuine desire to help others make her a trusted advisor to our clients. When asked what she loves about working with us, she said "I love the culture here at Bishard and the work environment is amazing. In my position, I love that I am able to be a part of such a huge and important decision in our clients’ lives by finding a home they love!"

Bella DeStasio

Design and New Homes Coordinator

Bella holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation from VCU. Before joining our team in 2023, she worked as a waitress in Virginia Beach. Now as our Design and New Homes Coordinator, Bella specializes in the design process for our homes and the buying process at our Cheapeake community, The Reserve at Grassfield.  Once a home is under contract, she takes the lead as our buyers' main point of contact, going above and beyond to ensure our buyers' needs are met. This can include praying over their new home with them, answering any questions they may have, providing gift baskets, and accompanying them on walk-throughs as their dream home takes shape. She also assists clients in choosing floor plans and their interior and exterior finishes. Bella is just one of the friendly faces behind our homes and plays a crucial role in making homeownership dreams a reality.

Luke Hallberg

New Home Specialist

Luke joined the Bishard team in 2021, bringing his wealth of knowledge and bubbly personality. Before Bishard, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management from Southeastern University and then worked in the insurance industry, giving him insight into the unique perspective of all things housing. As one of our New Homes Specialists, Luke goes above and beyond to assist our buyers in selecting the perfect home and location based on their lifestyle, budget, and preferences. From the initial meeting to walking them through the entire sales process, Luke is there to get to know our buyers and their needs, address any questions or concerns, and provide exceptional care. He's not just a guide; he's a friend who celebrates with our buyers on move-in day! His strengths lie in his genuine passion for helping people find their dream homes and his ability to make the entire journey a joyful and stress-free experience.

Lesli Chambers

New Home Specialist

Lesli is the friendly face and warm smile you'll encounter when you visit our new construction sites in Virginia Beach! She graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in exercise science and began selling homes in 2004, specializing in both new and resale homes. She’s been working with our team for a while but started exclusively working with Bishard Homes in January of 2023 at our Prosperity at the Pines community. What’s unique about Lesli is that she helps our buyers’ throughout the whole home buying journey, instead of passing them along from person to person. She’s there for the first initial selections all the way to the final walk-through of a new home and everything in between. What Lesli likes most about working at Bishard Homes is "being a part of a team that really has our home buyers' best interests at heart."

Gil Spence

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gil earned his Bachelor's in Communications with a specialization in advertising and public relations from Regent University. Prior to joining our team, he honed his skills as a Marketing Analyst at Regent University, where he managed digital paid ads on Google and Facebook, creating many successful campaigns. At Bishard Homes, Gil is the driving force behind our digital marketing efforts. He spearheads paid digital advertising on platforms like Meta and Google, provides invaluable support in website development, has a hand in our email marketing and nurturing campaigns, and ensures our social media presence remains top-notch across all divisions. Gil is a cornerstone of our marketing team, consistently propelling Bishard Homes to new heights in the industry.

Jordyn Schnell

Marketing Intern

Jordyn is a fresh graduate from James Madison University with a degree in Marketing and a specialization in digital marketing. Prior to joining our team, she gained valuable experience through two marketing internships, where she focused on content creation and digital marketing strategies. In September 2023, Jordyn officially became part of the Bishard Homes family as our Marketing intern. Since then, she's been instrumental in elevating our marketing efforts. Her role includes managing our Bishard Homes social media platforms, crafting engaging blogs, conducting website research, and providing essential support for various marketing projects. Jordyn's fresh perspective and creative content creation skills make her a valuable asset to our team.

Caleb Coston

Project Manager

Caleb graduated from Northland International University, where he earned a degree in Pastoral Studies, followed by a Master of Divinity from Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. Before joining Bishard Homes in 2014, Caleb was a Production Manager at LifeNet Health and also the owner of his own construction business. His journey to our team involved our very own Bob Deacon, who attended the same church as Caleb, convincing him to join the construction scene full time with us. As a Project Manager, Caleb specializes in managing home construction, particularly on challenging infill sites. His role involves overseeing site work and home construction, bringing his problem-solving expertise to the field, and collaborating seamlessly with our teams. You can see the results of his hard work in our Bayville community and the Bayville Medical Building, as well as many of our homes in the North End and Chics Beach area.

Andrew Wilt

Project Manager

Andrew graduated from Appalachian Bible College, where he earned a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies and from Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, where he received a Master of Divinity degree. After school, Andrew ventured into the world of renovation before taking on the role of a master technician in musculoskeletal healthcare. In 2015, Andrew joined our team as a Project Manager where he is the driving force behind construction, overseeing every aspect from the initial brick to handing over the keys to our buyers. His expertise spans from foundations to framing and final touches, with a special knack for multifamily townhomes. Andrew was instrumental in our Willow Winds community's success and currently leads the charge at the Reserve at Grassfield. In his free time, Andrew really loves to fish, so you might find him fishing in one of the neighborhood ponds during his lunch breaks!

Mark Stonis

Project Manager

Mark has a unique background as having attended Northland International University, majoring in pastoral studies, as well as being a carpenter his whole life, learning from his dad. After graduation, he spent 13 years as a car salesman before bringing his passion for woodworking and carpentry to Bishard Homes in October 2017. As a Project Manager, Mark combines his skills and enthusiasm to ensure our projects are not only completed on time but also exceed our buyers' expectations. He coordinates with our subcontractors and meets with buyers throughout the construction process, leaving no room for surprises or missing pieces in their new home. His dedication to making our buyers happy shines through every step of the building process. What Mark loves most about Bishard is “how we care about our people and clients, backing it up with our actions. This place is a stress-free environment, and Steve and John are on our sides, encouraging us and making us feel like an important part of their team.”

Eli Deacon

Assistant Project Manager

Eli began his Bishard adventure in 2015 as part of "The Goons" with Seane and Ben, where he tackled grunt work in the field including things like sweeping out the houses. Today, as an Assistant Project Manager, Eli plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the intricate process of building new homes. His responsibilities include coordinating with subcontractors, overseeing construction from foundation to closing, and working closely under Andrew Wiltz at the Reserve at Grassfield. He's the guy who helps make sure everything comes together correctly, ensuring that our homes are crafted to perfection.

Jeremiah Bloom

Warranty Manager

Jeremiah's educational journey led him to Appalachian Bible College, where he double majored in Pastoral Ministry and Theology. Before joining Bishard, Jeremiah worked at Chick Fil A and also gained experience in the wood industry with United Forest Products and a landscaping company. In 2021, he found his way to Virginia Beach, where he crossed paths with Andrew Wilt and Bob Deacon who led him to our team. As our Warranty Manager, Jeremiah is our buyers’ go-to for resolving any issues that may arise with their new home. Whether it's a malfunctioning HVAC system or any other hiccup, Jeremiah has it covered. His strength lies in his friendly, customer-centric approach and dedication to ensuring our buyers' homes are in tip-top shape. When it comes to warranty needs, you can trust Jeremiah to have your back!

Doug Raeder

Estimating and Purchasing Coordinator

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion with a concentration in Student Ministry from Liberty University. Before joining Bishard Homes in 2019, Doug worked full-time in youth ministry and later on, spent several years as a project manager for a National Home Builder, gaining valuable experience in the industry. Now he is our Estimating and Purchasing Coordinator, meaning Doug is responsible for estimating what exactly will go into a new home by compiling budgets, purchasing building materials, and securing labor.  He describes his job as "building a home before it's built"- ensuring that every crew and superintendent is well equipped with the data and information needed to build your Bishard home.

Mariko Kenner

Estimating and Purchasing Coordinator

Born and raised right here in sunny Virginia Beach, Mariko is a part of our team as an Estimating and Purchasing Coordinator. Before joining Bishard Homes, she went to Rose State College and then worked in retail. Now, she is responsible for estimating and purchasing all the essential components that go into building a new home. From organizing the contracts with all of our vendors to negotiating the pricing and scope of work, timelines, and materials, she ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, playing a key role in bringing our homes to life.

Kim Daos

Assistant Project Manager

Kim graduated from Old Dominion University, where she earned her degree in English. Since then, her career has been marked by diverse experiences. Before joining us, Kim held the position of branch manager at a fine jewelry company and was also a dedicated mom raising 2 kids. Since 2009, Kim has been a key player at Bishard Homes, starting as a part-time office associate and steadily advancing to her current role as an Assistant Project Manager where she collaborates closely with Doug, overseeing the release of purchase orders and work orders. Kim is instrumental in ensuring that our teams in the field have the necessary materials to accomplish their tasks efficiently. Her exceptional organizational abilities, dedication, and supportive nature make her an indispensable asset to our operations, consistently helping our teams achieve their goals.

Morgan Wallace

Project Coordinator

Morgan is a graduate of University of Mary Washington, holding a degree in studio art. Her journey to Bishard Homes was unique, having previously worked as a preschool teacher and in a pottery shop. Since September 2020, Morgan has been an indispensable asset to our company. As a Project Coordinator, she serves as a vital link, coordinating with all superintendents to ensure they have the information and documents essential to begin construction on our homes. Her responsibilities include obtaining the majority of permits required, liaising with city authorities, and coordinating with utility companies. Morgan's great organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to navigate the intricacies of the construction process have consistently streamlined our operations and kept our projects on track.

Josh Moto

Planning Captain

Josh, also known as “Moto” to our team, attended Regent University, where he majored in Biblical Studies. Before joining Bishard Homes in 2016, he was a sushi chef and waiter at a local restaurant which is where he met Steve Bishard and his family. As our Planning Captain, or as he calls himself "the paper-pusher,” Josh plays a pivotal role in the intricate process of lot development and land preparation. He's the mastermind behind how our lots are laid out, which houses are placed where, road layouts in our communities, and more. Josh also takes charge of hiring site contractors to physically prepare the land for construction. What makes Josh unique is his love for learning and how he takes the opportunity to learn about other divisions in the company and what our other team members are up to. He’s not just the “paper-pusher” but the embodiment of our desire for constant growth, community, and customer-centered building.

Seane Watson

Design Project Specialist

Seane's story with Bishard began in 2016, during his high school years, when he joined our team and got his hands dirty in the field as a part of "the Goons," tackling tasks like sweeping out houses. Post high school, Seane attended Tidewater Community College and graduated with an associate's degree in Architectural Drafting and Design. After completing his college education, he joined Bishard full-time, bringing his dedication and expertise to our family. As our Design Project Specialist, Seane takes on the exciting role of crafting house designs, occasionally collaborating with architects, and meeting with Bob and Moto to take the ideas in their brains and turn them into layouts for houses. His boundless creativity and dedication to turning visions into reality make him a standout member of our team, contributing to our goal of crafting exceptional homes and vibrant communities.

Ben Bishard

Development Planner

Ben's journey is rooted in a deep family connection to our company, as he's none other than Steve's son. Growing up in the business, he’s had lots of time to learn and see the business grow. In 2022, Ben graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in entrepreneurship. His hands-on experience began in the field, working alongside Seane and Eli, affectionately known as "The Goons." Following graduation, he stepped into the role of Development Planner, joining the Planning and Development team alongside Seane and Josh Moto. Ben is now the funnel for new properties and opportunities which involves extensive research and analysis. Once land or property is acquired, he collaborates with city officials, engineers, surveyors, and consultants to obtain approvals for building plans. He is especially proud of having the opportunity to design and construct a house from start to end, learning every facet of the homebuilding and buying process along the way.

Acacia Jones

Administrative Coordinator

Acacia is our cheerful Administrative Coordinator at Bishard Homes, having joined our team in May of 2023. She grew up in the heart of Virginia Beach and went to school at Tidewater Community College. Before joining our team, Acacia gained valuable experience at Geico as a Liability Adjuster. In her role with us, Acacia wears many hats, from keeping our office running smoothly to handing over the keys to lawyers before closing on a house. She handles everything from ordering supplies to ensuring the smooth completion of closing processes, making her the final piece in our homebuilding puzzle. Acacia's strengths lie in her organizational prowess, her attention to detail, and her warm and welcoming demeanor. She's the friendly face that greets customers, opens the mail, and ensures that our homeowners have all the information they need for their new homes. What Acacia loves most about Bishard Homes is the family-like environment, where everyone feels valued and supported. Her dedication to fostering this environment shines through in everything she does, making her an invaluable member of our team.

Stephen Waters


Stephen's academic journey led him to VCU, where he delved into accounting, ultimately earning his CPA certification. Before joining our team, Stephen honed his financial expertise as a manager at a public accounting firm, specializing in financial statement audits, with a significant focus on real estate. In 2019, he joined the Bishard Homes team as our Accounting Controller. In his role, Stephen is the wizard behind the financial curtain, managing the accounting department and overseeing the company's financial activities. He ensures the financial health of our projects, maintains accurate records and budgets, and prepares financial statements. Beyond his financial wizardry, Stephen is skilled in woodworking and enjoys completing home-projects in his free time.

Becca Davis

Assistant Controller

During Becca’s time at Virginia Wesleyan University, she was heavily involved in YoungLife at Norfolk Christian Academy which is where she was introduced to the Bishard brothers. She then joined the Bishard Homes team in 2018 and has since worn several hats within our company, growing into her current role as Assistant Controller. She now oversees a multitude of tasks, including managing the accounts payable and credit card programs, initiating construction loans, analyzing monthly financial statements for both commercial and residential housing, and obtaining all information and documents to ensure a loan closes like flood insurance and building permits. She is a crucial piece of our accounting team and also known for her passion for completing the daily Wordle and Connections.

Andrew Freeman

Business Analyst

During his senior year at Virginia Wesleyan University, he met our very own Roger through his church and got connected with our team, where he had an internship in Property Management and Financial Analytics. Upon graduation, he took a full-time role as our Business Analyst where he helps provide visibility into our building processes to our executives. His responsibilities span from cost analysis of flooring and roofing to making decisions about paneling versus stick-framing for projects like the Reserve at Grassfield. His experience as a soccer player at VWU and his current role as a YoungLife leader are a testament to his excellent leadership and communication abilities, which he brings to his work and our team as a whole.

Arick Goodman

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Arick's journey started by working at a landscaping company and Chick-fil-A before joining the Bishard team in 2019. In his role as our Accounts Payable Coordinator, Arick ensures the smooth financial flow of our homebuilding process and plays a crucial role in supporting our field team as they build our buyers’ homes. He's the one who makes sure all our vendors are paid and ensures that everything is approved; if there are any hiccups, he collaborates closely with the superintendent overseeing the home's construction to resolve the problem. When asked what he loves most about Bishard, Arick said “the community of people is definitely really great. This team helps make you want to strive to do your best but also they know God and family comes first, the job is second, and that's a really healthy environment to be in.”

Cala Dutton

Staff Accountant

Cala went to school at JMU where she earned her bachelor's degree in science. Before joining our family, she worked at Patient First, an Urgent Care center in Virginia Beach/Norfolk. She also has a background in data history and accounting. In February 2024, she brought her skills to Bishard Homes, stepping into her role as our Accountant Staff where she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth financial operations of our company. From managing vendor payments to handling discrepancies with checks and credit card transactions, she's the detail-oriented wizard behind the scenes. Her bubbly personality and dedication to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Bishard Homes family, where she ensures our financial processes run like clockwork.