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At Bishard Homes we take customer satisfaction extremely seriously, as we know that buying a home is a huge commitment and investment for you and your family. We take pride in creating positive experiences for every single one of the customers that we are fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis.

We purchased our Bishard home in the Bayville at Lake Joyce neighborhood two years ago and must say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made in home buying. The Bishard group is very pleasant and easy to work with. Most of our dealings were with Caleb Coston, Project Manager, who was always available and responsive to any questions or concerns we had. We love our home and neighborhood. We highly recommend the Bishards for an excellent home buying experience.

Rose & Sonny, Virginia Beach

We’ve lived in a Bishard community for just over a year. Our experience was exceptional, the Team at Bishard treated us as if it were their own family. The site team was overly accommodating and ensured anything noted post-move-in was documented and resolved in a timely manner. We LOVE our home, can’t thank Bob, Dylan and Mark enough for making the stress of moving in easier while selling, moving, building our home, and moving again into “our dream home”. Thank you, Bishard Homes!!!! We highly recommend you to our friends!

Sue, Virginia Beach

This is our third new construction home and we can definitely say that Bishard Homes is by far our favorite developer. What sets Bishard Homes apart from the other developers we've worked with is not only the quality of our home, but our experience during the entire process of building our home. We had the pleasure of working with Caleb Coston and his team who made the process very seamless from start to finish. They addressed all our questions and concerns (very few) in a timely manner and did it all with a smile. We were new to the area and Caleb went the extra mile to make us feel "at home" in our new home and we are truly grateful. We would highly recommend Bishard Homes for your new construction home!

Kannary, Virginia Beach

We are in our second year in a new construction Bishard Home. We had some first year warranty items and were thankful we were given one central point of contact to coordinate and schedule the work. Dylan Ryder was always a text away, was very professional, and you can tell the teams enjoy working with him too. The work was high quality. A big thanks to Caleb also. We love our new home and so do our family and friends!

Wende, Virginia Beach

We loved the quality of our new home with it's beautiful detailing. Our interactions with the Bishard representatives were professional with prompt attention to detail. Really a quality company to deal with

Barbra, Virginia Beach

Bishard Homes and Bishard Builders have an outstanding reputation for building quality affordable housing and standing firmly behind the quality construction they construct!

Mick, Virginia Beach

I am truly impressed and pleasantly surprised with how Bishard treats their homeowners. They went out of their way to fix an issue in our home and we really appreciate it.

Britini, Virginia Beach

Bishard Homes is a very well ran and professional custom home builder in our area. We have been working with Bishard Homes for almost 10 years and will continue to work with and serve their customers. The management staff is excellent and personable. If you are looking to build a custom home and want it done right, Bishard Homes is your team.

Tony, Virginia Beach

The purchase with the house went smooth and the general contractor Gene has been awesome to deal with on the small hiccups. We are happy and glad we found the house we did.

Patrick, Virginia Beach

Great company and strong presence in the community, keep doing what you do!

Luke, Virginia Beach

We love our home in Ashville Park. Dylan has been prompt, courteous, and attentive to any minor issues that we have had. I would highly recommend Bishard Homes to my friends.

Annette, Virginia Beach

We have the home pictured on the website (in Ashville Park) and we love everything about it. The builder has been fantastic! Both Andrew and Dylan have been very attentive, prompt and polite. We would highly recommend Bishard to any of our friends looking for a new home.

Jessica, Virginia Beach

We moved in to our new home in May of 2017. It has been a year since we lived in our new house built by Bishard Homes. We have enjoyed watching our house being built and love living in it now. Bishard staff and their subcontractors attentively listened to any concerns we had during construction and made sure all the issues have been resolved prior to move in date. Also after a year had passed we made a list of a few small things that needed to be corrected. Bishard staff made sure everything has been taken care off. We are very happy!!! Special thank you to Asher, Bob, Mark, Dylan from Bishard, Tris from Top Floors, Joe and his crew from Blue Chip Paint, Mike and Mark from Artistic Drywall, Mike and his crew from Echelon cabinets and many more.

Dmitriy, Virginia Beach

We moved into our new Duplex in November 2017. The reason we've taken so long in writing a review is we're pretty picky. But to that end, Dylan Ryder has been an excellent Single Point of Contact! He's assisted on numerous projects from Hanging TVs, Assisting on key projects, providing assistance with key contacts - Flooring, Painting, Windows, Cabinets, and the HVAC Project! Bishard built a quality home, had good sub-contractors, and is customer service friendly and reliable. We were on top of everything and Dylan & Team assisted. Thank you to all! Tris from Top Floors - They were/are excellent! Joe/Ken/Heather from Blue Chip Painting - Well done! Mike & Mark from Artistic Drywall - Super! Mike and Crew from Echelon Cabinets - Nice!. Also special call out to the Central Plumbing and Heating Team for their ingenuity with our unique project! Thank you all! Happy to talk with anyone regarding our Bishard Home!

Chuck, Virginia Beach

We purchased in North Shadow Lawn in June 2016. We have been pleased overall with the quality of the home. The few minor glitches were handled professionally. They have a great team of people working to get things done and care about their homeowners. After writing this review I began to scroll down and read the others noticing so many positive reviews. I wouldn't be surprised if every home came with a blessing.

Valerie, Virginia Beach