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5 Things to Consider: Buying an Oceanfront Home

July 21, 2019

5 Things to Consider: Buying an Oceanfront Home

 5 Things to Consider:
Buying an Oceanfront Home 

What’s better than living in a waterfront home in Virginia Beach? Oceanfront living is an absolute dream that we love to help people find, but it definitely comes with important considerations. Here are a few tips to finding a home that checks all the boxes:

1. Outdoor Spaces  

Living at the beach usually comes with a great deal of time spent outside. Having a space to spend time outdoors at the privacy of your home is a great option to have. Looking for homes with patios, porches, or simply backyard space for family activities may be something you want to consider when purchasing a home. These spaces can be great for entertaining guests, family gatherings, or a simple sunrise coffee spot. Any outdoor space can be made versatile with some outdoor furniture and your imagination, so make sure to keep your desires in mind when finding the right home for your family. 

2. All About Location 

The saying that “location is everything” certainly rings true, but can look different for each individual. Knowing what kind of setting you want is important, even when looking for a beach home. Different beaches come with different residents, activities, and atmospheres, which are all aspects to look into before settling on one area. Check out the neighborhood to see what daily life is like, and what sort of features in the community are available. Thankfully, Virginia Beach has many options to consider, from the more relaxed vibe of Chix Beach to the bustling center of activity at the Oceanfront. 

3. Weathering

Beach climates, while sought after for good reason, also come with their own unique weather qualities. The wear and tear of wind and sand can become more prevalent, especially with waterfront properties. Durable home materials are essential when living in these areas. Looking into quality roofing, siding, and even outdoor furniture that can withstand everything the beach has to offer is definitely important. For this reason, Bishard Homes uses James Hardie siding so that our homes hold up against the elements. This durable, cement-fiber siding ensures that our homes are built with quality materials meant to last. 

Additionally, as hurricanes and floods start to become considerations, looking into insurance for these kinds of scenarios is also incredibly important. While talking about inclement weather is unpleasant in comparison to the delight of living by the beach, it is crucial to be aware of how to protect your home in the location you’re in. 

4. Design

Having a waterfront home brings up design considerations, from decorating to the physical layout of the home. Coastal interiors can be achieved with paint color and décor alone, but functionality is also a large factor. Open floor plans with many windows create the same lightness of beach living inside the home, and can even allow for a better view from inside. Extra storage space, mudrooms, and outdoor showers may also be components you may want to look for. With so much time spent outdoors, having the space to store extra supplies, as well as get the extra dirt – or sand – off before entering the home is extremely convenient. For more information on mudrooms, check out our latest blog post here

5. On and Off  

While waterfront homes may seem ideal, it is important to remember that beach homes do not have to be on the beach. Even living within a close proximity of the beach is desirable, and may even be a better fit for you. Homes on the water, while they may have an immediate view, also cost more and are subject to more wear and tear than homes farther inland. For this reason, it is important to consider your personal needs when buying beach homes. Length of stay is also an important factor, as homes on the water usually retain their value and can be a great investment. However, if you are searching for something less permanent, homes further inland may be more numerous and provide more options to choose from. Either way, there are wonderful advantages to living on and close to the ocean, and definitely worth serious consideration. 

Think beach living is for you? We would love to chat with you about any questions you may have. Our contact information can be found on our website at www.bishardhomes.com