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Bishard Quality Now Available for All

June 18, 2020

Bishard Quality Now Available for All

Since Bishard Homes began building, we have worked hard to establish a reputation for well-built, beautiful homes. We’ve reached a point, however, when many people assume our homes are priced out-of-reach for most buyers.

While we have built many higher-end homes, we now build homes at a wide range of price points. The good news is that our building practices stay the same, no matter what we construct. Whether you are moving to a Bishard Cape Cod-style estate or a new construction multi-family development, you can expect the same high-quality home building process.

Speaking of multi-family homes, you may already know that Bishard builds townhomes throughout the Virginia Beach area. However, with the popularity of our multi-family floor plans, we have decided to expand a bit more. Stay tuned for further details on a 425-unit new development in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Many buyers are seeking out townhomes because they offer a similar interior living experience as single-family homes. The affordability of a townhome can also get you a home in a prime location for less.

Life Shores Townhomes, for instance, is an exclusive six-unit community on Lakeshore Drive just west of the Lesner Bridge. Designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle, these homes are within walking distance of Chesapeake Bay beaches. 

The units themselves feature 3 bedrooms, 3½ bathrooms, and an oversized garage. At an affordable price point, buyers can have 3 beds/3.5 baths, and an oversized garage, and all the luxury finishes they have come to expect from Bishard. Each townhome includes a long list of “standard” features, such as granite countertops, crown molding, frameless glass shower doors, and USB outlets in the kitchen and master bedroom.

Looking for a quick commute? Willow Winds Condominiums is located in Virginia Beach’s Military Circle. Norfolk’s Waterside District is just 15 minutes away, and the oceanfront is a quick 20-minutes drive. Willow Winds has a unique neighborhood atmosphere with custom-designed pergolas and benches along tree-lined paths. The units themselves start at just over $250K and offer plenty of options for customization.

Whatever type of home you find with Bishard, you can rest assured that it is move-in-ready and will stand the test of time. Every one of our homes undergoes a rigorous inspection process by a third-party grader. Any issue is addressed immediately. Then, we have a homeowner walkthrough, where we will address any issue the buyer may have. 

If you have time to wait, join our VIP list for Garnett’s Walk, and have first access to contract-signing appointments after the grand opening. You’ll also get a $1,000 coupon toward upgrades in your Garnett’s Walk home. This exclusive community of townhomes is right down the road from the up-and-coming town center area. Look for more information soon!

At Bishard Homes, we want you to love your home. If you’re still looking, simply let us know your criteria, and we’ll work to find the right home for you. Whether it be an oceanfront townhome or a private retreat built on your own land, we’re here to help. Reach out and start the conversation today.

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