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Building Up Our Community — Together

July 18, 2022

Building Up Our Community — Together

Recovery for Life is a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals and families who are seeking freedom from addictions and compulsive behaviors. To provide stability for these individuals during their recovery, Bishard Homes partners with Recovery for Life to build transitional homes for those seeking help from addictions. 

It all started in 2000, when John Bishard was the original chairman of the board of Recovery for Life. He helped structure and organize as Paul Hardy, founder of Recovery for Life, developed the constitution and bylaws. Steve Bishard became the chairman and main developer of Recovery for Life’s transitional homes in 2010. 

Over the years, this partnership has produced results that are tangible, compelling and life changing. In the last 23 years, this partnership represents

  • over 1,000 free peer support meetings (One per week for 23 years)
  • over 1,700 people in 90-day stay in our Recovery Residences (144 per year in 3 homes for the last 12 years) 
  • over 6,000 substance abuse assessments (Five per week for 23 years)
  • over 12,000 hours of individual counseling (Ten per week for 23 years)
  • over 60,000 group treatment units (8 people in 10 groups per week for 12 years)

This year, Bishard Homes has set aside a new construction home to raise funds for Recovery for Life’s ongoing expenses. All profit from the sale of this home will be donated to Recovery for Life. 

Whether it is serving on the board, providing business direction, or helping with creative fundraising, the Bishard brothers have consistently invested into Recovery for Life’s mission over the years. They are an encouraging example of philanthropy, sharing what they have received with those who need help in their darkest hour of addiction. Because of their generosity, Recovery for Life has helped thousands of people who are seeking freedom from addictions and compulsive disorders. 

Bishard Homes would like to thank the following sponsors who generously donated supplies to our Recovery for Life home. 

To learn more about Recovery for Life, visit MyRecoveryForLife.com.