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Where to Live: Virginia Beach or Chesapeake?

February 9, 2021

Where to Live: Virginia Beach or Chesapeake?

Looking to enjoy the coastal living that Virginia Beach and Chesapeake have to offer, but not sure exactly where to plant your roots? Whether you already live in the area or are moving across state lines, Bishard Homes is here to answer some questions that will help you decide which of the two cities is right for you and your family’s needs. We’ll go through some of the similarities and differences between the towns, which lie right next door to each other, sharing a border. 

How do you enjoy spending your time?    

What draws so many visitors and residents to this area is, of course, the outdoor attractions and natural beauty that surrounds it. If you desire a home with views of the Atlantic Ocean and sandy shores, or to only be a short walk or drive away, then Virginia Beach is your best bet. Living in a beach town sometimes comes with a bit of tourist traffic in the warmer months, but that also lends itself to a booming economy and endless restaurants, cultural events and fun activities for residents to enjoy year-round. And don’t worry- locals know the best spots along the North End that tourists tend to be far from.

If you’re more interested in living close to protected wetlands with inland fresh and salt waterways, lush forests and over 300 acres of unique environments, then you’ll probably be more drawn to Chesapeake—which is known for all of these things. 

Luckily, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast in general, the close proximity of these two towns means you have easy access to both. So no matter what aquatic activities and attractions float your boat, you’ll never be far from it!

The state of Virginia was one of the first areas settled in what would one day become the United States, so both cities are full of history and many attractions related to it. History buffs will love living in either Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Both have museums, historic landmarks and colonial buildings scattered throughout. 

Which is a better place for working professionals to live?

Although living in this area feels like a vacation, we know access to employment opportunities and a solid economy are beneficial during this decision-making process. Both cities boast strong job markets, but for slightly different industries. Many working professionals in Virginia Beach are employed in the tourism industry, but there are also national and international headquarters for businesses of all kinds, agribusiness and manufacturing. Additionally, a strong military presence includes multiple bases, training centers and defense contractors, making Virginia Beach an easy commute for those who serve in the Armed Forces. 

Chesapeake is also a great place for working professionals to live. Residents enjoy a steady economy with an above-average job market, and major employers within city limits include the headquarters of Dollar Tree, various healthcare companies, a regional QVC office and two military bases. Major highways and well-kept roads make commuting between the two cities, or to nearby Norfolk, another great option for residents. 

Are there good school districts in both?

It’s important for your children to have access to a high-quality education—and as it turns out, both cities can provide your family with that. Virginia Beach City Public Schools, which is made up of over 70 schools, is highly rated and ranked as the second-best school district in the area. Chesapeake Public Schools is also a very highly rated district and includes 45 schools. 

How can I make the decision?

While we hope these questions and answers make your decision a bit easier, choosing which city to live in is highly personal—and it’s best to do your research to ensure that the needs of your family are being met. Bishard Homes is proud to build in both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, and we hope you can rest easier knowing that whichever town you choose to live in, you can live comfortably in one of our expertly designed and well-constructed homes. Contact us today to learn more about our communities and take a tour around your future hometown.