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Why Buying a New Home May Be Better for Your Wallet

June 30, 2021

Why Buying a New Home May Be Better for Your Wallet

It’s a pretty common mistake to assume that purchasing a used home in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake will cost less than a new-construction home. Bishard Homes is here to tell you about the unexpected costs that can come from purchasing a used home in today’s market, as well as the unexpected savings you might encounter as a new-construction homeowner.  

No surprise costs

When purchasing a used home, there are many factors that can impact how much money you’ll actually end up spending. In today’s market, there's a good chance used homes on the market end up in bidding wars with multiple interested buyers. Bidding wars can drive the price of homes up by thousands of dollars, and lead to other shocking terms—cash offers, forgoing inspections, leaseback agreements and more. Inspections can also reveal issues that require large investments from homeowners in addition to the general updates and renovations needed to modernize and customize an older home.  

But when you buy a new-construction home from Bishard Homes, our team will go over all facts and figures with buyers before the contract is signed—so there are no surprises. Your mortgage lender will help you know exactly what to expect in terms of closing costs, property and taxes and more. 

Modern building practices 

Building a residential home looks a lot different now than it did ten, twenty or fifty years ago. From innovation in building processes to resource shortages or surpluses, industry standards are constantly changing. Older homes don’t just have an outdated look—they can also come with outdated safety measures, energy efficiency standards and building codes. 

New-construction homes, especially from Bishard Homes, are built to the highest standards of safety, quality, efficiency and durability. Modern building practices will save homeowners even more money in the long run—with lower-cost maintenance, high-efficiency systems, smart home technology and more features that are hard to find in an older, used home.  

Timeless design with trendy twists

New homes are built to accommodate the needs and wants of today’s homeowners. Open-concept floor plans, kitchen islands, bonus rooms, walk-in closets and outdoor living spaces are just a few of the modern features that buyers are looking for in a new-construction home. 

Thanks to a variety of personalization options, homeowners can select the exact paint colors, backsplash, light fixtures and more when going through the construction process with Bishard Homes. While used homes require work after purchase to get exactly what you’re looking for, new-construction homes are truly move-in ready on the day you get the keys. 

Buy new from Bishard 

If the used home market has let you down time and time again, it’s time to consider buying a new-construction home. Bishard Homes offers single-family homes and townhomes at every price level, because budget shouldn’t keep you from buying new. To learn more about our new townhome community in Chesapeake and the benefits of purchasing a new-construction home, contact us via online form or call (757) 703-3367.